Sunil Bahadoorsingh
Founder & CEO

Sunil is the Founder and Chairman of Sunmar Group; Sunil’s innovation and entrepreneurial management account for Sunmar Groups holdings. Over the past 24 years Sunil has been actively involved in Sunmar’s growth strategies, strategic partnerships, acquisitions and value creation. His previous experience includes a very successful career with Xerox, EMC, & New Yorker. Sunil is also Chairman of New Wave; Chairman of Penn Terra and an EIR at Innovate Niagara and is an active philanthropist in his spare time. 


John Kingston (FCA, FCBV)
Founder & CFO

John spent almost 25 years in a major Chartered Accountancy firm initially earning his FCA designation and then specializing in business valuations and sourcing capital for emerging high-growth businesses. During this experience, John was involved in the valuation of several real estate development companies as well as the private portfolios of several major venture capital firms based in Ontario. He also was the Partner-in-charge of KPMG’s Toronto Corporate Finance and Valuation practice. John has also acted as an active Angel investor in several early stage ventures and has been a director of both public and private companies.


Peter Agnelli (MBA, BESC)
Chief Operating Officer

Peter has a long history of business strategy and operational improvement starting with CAP Gemini, leading consulting teams with Fortune 500 companies in Europe and North America. Subsequently, he founded, grew and eventually sold his interest in a chain of rehabilitation clinics in Canada. Most recently, he has been involved with entrepreneurial mid-size companies, operationalizing changes to ensure sustainable growth. In addition, he has experience in negotiating joint ventures and multi-year supply and development agreements with multi-national consumer product and private label companies.


Vince Wilson
V.P. Business Development

Vince has considerable experience in the student housing industry in the United States and Canada. Most recently Vince has worked at Brock University in Student Affairs/Residence Life for the past 9 years, where he also received his undergraduate degree in 1999 before heading to Western Illinois University (WIU) for graduate school. Since that time, Vince has worked in a variety of capacities in the higher education/student housing at institutions such as the University of Guelph, Hiram College in Ohio, and Western Illinois University.